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New Gmail design focuses on collaboration and chat features

Google has finally rolled out the red carpet on its widely anticipated new Gmail design, that focuses on collaboration and chat. In their blog, the company stated that their new design was made to combine Google’s “material design 3” strategy and more Google Workspaces features into the design of the company’s consumer platform. What’s changed in Gmail? Gmail has evolved a few times since it was first launched about 18 years ago. These changes appear to have focused mainly on the design elements, at least for the moment. The company has finally evolved Gmail into something that looks more modern […]

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Internet Explorer 11 retirement marks the end of an era for Microsoft

The world’s formerly dominant internet browser, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, has finally reached the end of its’ life. The fledgling internet browser was first introduced in 1995 as Microsoft’s challenger to the formerly dominant Netscape Navigator. Since then, once the world’s dominant internet browser, has suffered the same fate as the competitor it replaced. With Internet Explorer, Microsoft entered into and fought hard to dominate the internet browser market space. Microsoft originally purchase the software that formed Intenet Explorer from the NCSA (National Centre for Supercomputing Applications) called Spyglass Mosaic. This software was packaged and sold as an add-on to Windows […]

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