Telus Stream+ adds Amazon Prime and Disney+ to bundle

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Telus, one of Canada’s largest Telecom providers, has updated its Stream+ plans to include Amazon Prime and Disney+. The telecom company offers its subscribers a variety of streaming bundles that combine various streaming services under one bundle to save customers money. Until now, Their current offerings have included Apple TV+, Discovery+ and Netflix, along with their Telus Video offering.

What is Stream Plus from TELUS?

At its core, Stream+ is just a way for the carriers to bundle services that many customers pay for already. The add-on to Telus Customer accounts, essentially covers the billing portion of the service and allows for the carrier to collect revenue while effectively passing on potential savings for customers.

In the previous form, Stream+ included Discovery+, Apple TV+, Netflix Premium and Telus video. The service varied widely in pricing, depending on how customers subscribed to the service and prices generally ranged between CAD $20 to CAD $28 a month. Telus offered various discounts and promotions on the service, but only current mobility customers had the option to add Stream+ to their accounts.

Telus has stated in a media release that the company intends to allow customers to customize their Stream+ bundle by adding other services in the future.

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How much does Telus Stream+ cost?

In the new version of Stream+, Telus has begun to offer more than one price plan. Customers can choose between the “basic” version and a “premium” version.

Stream+ Basic includes Netflix Standard with Ads, Disney+ Standard with Ads and Amazon Prime. This bundle has a standard price of CAD $20 / month plus tax. This represents approx. savings of 17% compared to subscribing outside of the bundle.

Stream+ Premium includes Netflix Premium, Disney+ Premium and Amazon Prime for CAD $38/month plus tax. Similarly to the basic plan, this represents an approximate 17% savings compared to purchasing the services individually.

Previously, Telus has offered discounts and incentives to their Stream+ bundle, which the company has tied to various renewal offers and new subscriber offers. Through sources close to the company, Telus is said to have new offerings coming February 1 that are said to be tied to the Stream+ bundles.

Telus Stream+ Bundles 2024

Is Telus Stream+ worth it?

In general, this will depend on two factors: if you already subscribe to all of the services and if you intend to use all of the bundle benefits. That said, if you do subscribe to all of the above services, this bundle does offer a way for you to control costs and save a little money while many consumers continue to face financial pressures related to inflation. If you’re looking to save more money on Streaming, check out our top tips on how to save more money on streaming services.

How to save money on streaming services

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