We publish material on TheConsumR.com that sometimes requires us to partner with specific brands in order for us to provide certain types of content.

When we publish material that is the result of a partnership, we do not compromise our journalistic standards or our publishing integrity. The following outlines the limited nature of any brand-journalist partnerships we form:

  • All of our content is our own and is based on our own independent research and testing.
  • We will never allow a partner or advertiser to have a say in what we publish but will correct content that is factually incorrect. In this situation, brands may only request corrections and are subject to the approval of our teams.
  • Brands and advertisers may receive an advance copy of any published material.
  • Photographs, video and other materials must and will always be of our own production – never brand-provided materials.
  • We do not endorse products or services, under any circumstance, for pay or equivalent compensation. Any endorsement we provide is done so at our own prerogative and discretion.
  • We will never agree to favourably present a product or service, nor present favourable comparisons at the request of any brand, advertisers or other entity.

We always identify situations where these guidelines are being observed and the relationship between the brand and our organization.

You may see the hashtag #BrandPartnership or #Partner in posts where this relationship exists.

We only agree to these sorts of relationships with brands when it mutually benefits our readers/audience. Our priority is always to deliver meaningful content, that is not subservient to brands or advertisers except to the extent that it enables us to deliver quality content.

Further, we do not accept payments directly from advertisers/brands. However, at the completion of any content or review, we may retain the products we test in the following circumstances:

  • Future testing, comparisons and ongoing re-evaluation.
  • For updates to existing content with product changes (i.e. software updates.)
  • At the request of the brand/partner as not all products are financially viable to return and have limited retained value.

Should you ever have any questions or concerns about this policy or our editorial standards check out this page or contact us.