TikTok ban bill passed by U.S. House of Representatives, what’s next

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The popular social media platform, TikTok, is facing new hurdles in the United States as the US House of Representatives has voted in favour of banning the platform. Supported by those that believe the platform to be a national security risk, 352 members of the US house voted in favour of the legislation and it now moves to the US Senate.

Two years after a scathing report released by BuzzFeed, uncovered confidential information was potentially accessed by the Chinese government on multiple occasions the US government seems to be putting its foot down. The parent company of TikTok (ByteDance), will be forced to either sell its interest in US operations or face shutdown.

According to a statement from the company that was published through the Associated Press, the company is clearly on the defense: “This process was secret and the bill was jammed through for one reason: It’s a ban based on zero evidence,” TikTok’s statement said. “We are hopeful that the Senate will consider the facts, listen to their constituents, and realize the impact on the economy, 7 million small businesses, and the 170 million Americans who use our service.” (Source)

President Biden has been quoted as stating that he would sign the legislation if it passes congress. More to come as this story develops.

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