Google Revolutionizes Large Language Learning with Gemini Launch: Unveils Advanced AI for Mobile

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Google Gemini has been officially launched as the company’s leading large language learning model, replacing the former Google BARD. Gemini Pro 1.0 now encompasses 40 languages and is accessible in 230 countries. Additionally, the latest offering, Gemini Advanced, exclusively supports English and is accessible in 150 countries. Moreover, the company’s augmented AI services are transitioning to mobile platforms with the introduction of Ultra 1.0, enabling the LLM to undertake more intricate tasks.

What is Gemini?

Gemini, a large language model-based technology, is a form of artificial intelligence that can understand and generate human language. Formerly known as Google BARD and based on PaLM, this AI model was developed by Google in response to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. A key differentiation with Gemini compared to other AI models is that it is a multimodal model employing deep learning with various modalities of data (i.e. images, pixel intensities and annotation tags.) The technology used in Gemini is not open source and is proprietary.

What can Google Gemini do?

Gemini can be used in a multitude of ways, such as generating text, brainstorming ideas, collaborating, coding, or even developing strategies. We’ve used it to answer a series of questions, rewrite emails and provide in-depth answers to various search queries.

Is it safe to use Google Gemini?

As with any third-party web service, it’s crucial to acknowledge that data utilized and gathered by such services cannot be fully deemed private. Regarding Gemini, Google is transparent with its users, disclosing that human review is involved in processing information or tasks entered into Gemini—except for Google Workplace data. Additionally, users can opt to “turn off Gemini Apps activity” within their Google accounts to prevent any data from being reviewed. Google states in their support articles:

If you are 18 or older, or under 18 and turn Gemini Apps Activity on, then by default Google stores your Gemini Apps activity with your Google Account for up to 18 months, which you can change to 3 or 36 months in your Gemini Apps Activity setting. Info about your location, including the general area from your device, IP address, or Home or Work addresses in your Google Account, is also stored with your Gemini Apps activity. Learn more at

Google Support Article:
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How to get Gemini Advanced?

The enhanced edition of Gemini is exclusively accessible to Google One Premium AI plan subscribers. Initially, users can enjoy the Gemini Advanced plan for free during the initial two months, after which it costs CAD 26.99 or USD 20. This plan incorporates the 2TB version of Google One along with supplementary functionalities offered by Gemini Advanced.

When will the iOS app for Gemini be released?

The Android version of the Google Gemini app is currently in limited release, and we cannot download the app to any of our current devices yet. That said, iOS users can expect that the Gemini app will launch inside the standard Google app on iOS. Google hasn’t yet stated the launch date of the iOS capabilities.

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