Apple iPad Pro: in-stores depsite sticker shock

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Apple unveiled its highly anticipated iPad Pro at a star-studded event on May 7th. Boasting cutting-edge AI capabilities and an upgraded Apple Pencil, the new tablet is set to revolutionize the digital landscape. With lightning-fast processors and stunning displays, the iPad Pro is now available for in-store orders, shaking up the tech world despite its hefty price tag. Did Apple miss the mark on affordability?

iPad Pro

Apple’s latest iPad Pro models flaunt a sleeker design, available in both 13 and 11 variations. Boasting the all-new Ultra-Retina XDR display equipped with tandem-OLED technology, Apple claims this innovation elevates display performance to new heights. The revamped iPad Pro also showcases the cutting-edge Apple M4 processor, the latest iteration of their silicon, packed with an enhanced neural processing engine for seamless AI functionalities.

Photography enthusiasts will delight in the updated camera system, featuring a 12MP rear and front-facing camera, accompanied by four studio microphones. As expected from Apple’s newer generation devices, the iPad Pro comes equipped with USB-C connections and Thunderbolt 3 support, while retaining the option for WiFi + Cellular connectivity.

Regrettably, affordability seems to have taken a backseat in Apple’s design philosophy. With a starting price of $1399 CAD and a top-tier cost of $2079 CAD, the new iPad Pro positions itself as one of the priciest tablets available, rivaling the price tags of laptops and MacBooks in the market.

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Apple Pencil Pro

The Apple Pencil Pro is the latest generation of the much loved Apple Pencil devices. The new Apple Pencil Pro adds to Apple’s existing, and albeit slightly confusing line-up of Apple Pencils with additional accuracy and better performing sensors. The new Apple Pencil Pro is capatible with M4 iPad Pro’s and M2 iPad Airs but not previous generations.

The new Apple Pencil Pro starts at CAD$169, which is the same price as the previous generation Apple Pencil (Generation 2) which also sells for CAD$169 from Apple.

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