Internet Rebooter released by ConnectSense

Internet Rebooter by ConnectSense
Credit: ConnectSense Website

ConnectSense, an IoT manufacturer based in Naperville, IL, has announced their latest product dubbed the “Internet Rebooter.” This device monitors the user’s internet connection (through your modem/router) and resets the connection by restarting modems or routers.

“The operating system, processor and memory used by your router can get hung up when there’s a change in the temporary IP address your internet service provider like Xfinity, Spectrum, or Cox assigns to your modem,” said Adam Justice, CEO of ConnectSense. “Your device, router and connection to the internet get out of sync; Internet Rebooter fixes that by scheduling a daily reboot to give your router the resources it needs to run efficiently.”

As travel resumes after the onset of the pandemic, users are increasingly travelling away from their homes, leaving them at the mercy of their connected security devices (i.e. cameras, alarm systems and sensors). With this device, the company purports to solve dreaded connection issues that could cause your safety net to go offline. Purportedly, this device solves much of that by allowing you to restart it when it goes offline automatically.

“Anytime you call your internet provider’s tech support, the first thing they have you do is unplug the device and plug it back in; this is a fix for a high percentage of problems,” added Justice. “But we built a reliable device that saves you the hassle of doing this yourself. With the Internet Rebooter, it happens automatically.”  

In addition to automatically restarting users’ routers in the event of a system failure or connection issue, the use of the “ConnectSense App” users can also schedule regular reboots of their modem and routers.

The device is now available for users to purchase in the US from Amazon or ConnectSense directly online. The device retails for $34.95USD. No further details regarding expanded availability were available.

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