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Unwrap Big Savings: 5 Festive Tech Deals for Budget-Conscious Families

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Many affordable tech deals are available whether you’re shopping for yourself or your loved ones. Our budget-friendly features include computers, feature-packed smart displays and more: there’s something for everyone. Stay connected with affordable wireless earbuds or capture memories with a budget-friendly action camera. This holiday season, embrace the power of technology without breaking the bank.

This holiday season, it’s time to buy the latest technology, which can be done on a budget. While inflation has pressured everyone, here are our top picks for budget-conscious families this holiday season. And don’t worry, we’re never paid for our thoughts.

Microsoft Surface Pro 9

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 Sapphire colour on fall background
Microsoft Surface Pro 9 (Sapphire), Credit: TheConsumR.com

Earlier this year, we reviewed the Surface Pro 9, a tablet designed for family use. Priced at $1279.99 CAD, this versatile device serves as a tablet and also functions as a PC, making it unique among other iPad and Android devices. The Surface Pro 9 seamlessly transitions from entertainment to homework powerhouse with its detachable keyboard. With ongoing holiday deals and student discounts on the Microsoft Store online, now is an ideal time to take advantage of the offers and purchase.

Bose Quiet Comfort Earbuds 2

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QuietComfort Earbuds 2, Credit: TheConsumR.com

Good earbuds are the quintessential accessory of today’s modern life. With most smart device manufacturers eliminating the headphone jack, picking up a pair is essential. To survive long car rides on family vacations or even just the commute to work – young or old earbuds are a must. The Bose QuietComfort Earbuds 2 are our top pick for the holiday because they have excellent noise cancelling and sound. Bose is selling the QC earbuds 2 for CAD 279 with free shipping.

Solis Lite Hotspot

The Solis Lite Hotspot is one of those gifts that, while it may seem like a luxury, is a necessity, especially with kids. The Solis Lite Hotspot is an easy to setup cellular mobile WiFi hotspot that can connect up to ten devices anywhere and power your family’s WiFi needs nearly anywhere in the world. The device is regularly priced at CAD 189 but is currently on sale for CAD 132.30 and includes monthly data out of the box. For families needing more data, the company offers many options to get additional data for as low as $8/month.

Nest Hub Max

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Unwrap Big Savings: 5 Festive Tech Deals for Budget-Conscious Families 6

The Google Nest Hub Max has become one of our number-one recommendations when building your smart home. As one of the most popular smart home assistants, the Google Assistant-powered smart home is among the more capable eco-systems. The Nest Hub Max integrates seamlessly into that environment. With support for the open standard Matter platform, this display integrates with hundreds of companies’ smart home devices. It features built-in Nest video security and a video call-capable camera with speakers that will fill most spaces. Right now, Google is offering the Nest Hub Max for CAD 179.

Homey Bridge

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Unwrap Big Savings: 5 Festive Tech Deals for Budget-Conscious Families 7

A smart home is one thing, but having it all work together is another. The Homey Bridge allows you to connect all of your favourite smart home devices with one another and connect intelligently to the devices that weren’t previously smart. Supporting Zigbee, infrared, Wifi and Bluetooth, the Homey Bridge is an intelligent way of getting everything connected in one app and using one device. The service is offered for free with five included devices for control. In addition, the Pro version of the app service allows for unlimited devices. The Homey Bridge Pro is currently available directly from Homey for CAD 99,

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