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Thermapen ONE Thermometer by ThermoWorks


ThermoWorks introduces the world’s fastest cooking thermometer, the Thermapen ONE, the first one-second thermometer from the company to measure almost at the speed of thought. Launched only within the last month, the Thermapen® One boasts some of the most accurate temperature readings and fastest performance of virtually any other thermometer on the market.

In our review, we take a hard look at this latest revolution in technology from ThermoWorks and look at the practical aspects of using such a potentially high-performing thermometer and how you can use it to improve your everyday cooking. Also, see why it is the recipient of a coveted Editors’ Choice Award.


If this is your first thermometer or upgrading from an inexpensive one, this is going to impress. The Thermapen®ONE features one-second temperature readings, precise temperatures, long battery life, is fully IP67 waterproof and is highly customizable. In addition, every Thermapen®ONE is NIST traced and tested, certifying its performance. The NIST certifications state that the thermometer is temperature accurate within +/-.05F of +/-.3C.

The display is reasonably bright, is backlit, rotates 360 degrees for easy viewing and enables further calibration if required. Further, the device is shockproof, dustproof and waterproof.

Compared to our previous favourite, the Lavatools Javelin PRO Duo, the Thermapen®ONE does not have a rear magnetic compartment or loop for easy storing. We found, however, overall that we still preferred the Thermapen®ONE hands-down.

Thermapen One Rear
Rear Battery Compartment, ThermapenONE by ThermoWorks


This device is clearly in a league of its own. Our previous favourite in this category, the Lavatools Javelin PRO Duo, was left in the dust. What is even more remarkable is just how fast the temperatures appear.

When grilling steaks on the BBQ, cooking pot roasts in the oven or even some casual fare on the stovetop – readings are instant. We never had to wait for more than a fraction of a second to check our cooking temperatures. As stated previously, even compared to our previous favourite in this category, temperature readings are noticeably faster by at least 2 seconds, and its performance is unmatched. Compared to its predecessor, the Thermapen® Mk4, this is a dramatic upgrade and will not go unnoticed.

In terms of accuracy, while its specifications state accuracy within +/-.05F of +/-.3C, we did not find recipes that required that level of accuracy but did appreciate knowing that we were getting the closest temperature reading possible without using a scientific reference thermometer.


The Thermapen®ONE is listed at a retail price of $105USD directly from ThermoWorks. Similar thermometers of this grade, highly accurate semi-pro/pro thermometers are similarly priced in the same range. Many similar thermometers, such as the Big Green Egg Instant Read Thermometer ($95) and the PrecisonPro Commercial Thermometer ($134.95), may boast similar features but lack the accuracy and certification of the Thermapen®ONE.

Compared to the Javelin ProDuo, while this may be a higher-priced device, we believe the few extra dollars are absolutely worth it.


With a five-year warranty, the Thermapen®ONE gives an extra two years over the Javelin ProDuo, and four years when compared against the competition and four years over the Big Green Egg and PrecisionPro models we compared it too.  ThermoWorks provides a comprehensive online support library and telephone/live chat support directly if required and is reachable during standard business hours.

Thermapen ONE

9 Score

This is a must-have. Without reservation, this is a complete marvel for the kitchen and will make any chef (aspiring or experienced) very happy. ThermoWorks put some exceptional effort into crafting such a wonderful piece of kitchenware. The Thermapen®ONE by ThermoWorks is the recipient of an Editors’ Choice Award for Kitchen Gadgets 2021 by TheConsumR.com.


  • One-Second Temperatures / Instant Readings
  • Highly Accurate
  • Great Value / Price
  • Long warranty
  • Long Battery Life


  • No magnetic case

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