LinearFlux Hypersonic 360, jaw-dropping power bank and wireless earbuds for iPhone and Android

LinearFlux HyperSonic 360

LinearFlux a SanFrancisco based tech startup has introduced a new mobile accessory called HyperSonic 360. This 10-in-1 device is purported as being the “ultimate” Bluetooth wireless earbud solution that features: a wireless charger, wireless earbuds, MagSafe charger, 20 watt USB power delivery (over USB-C), magnetic mounts, 360 hours of playtime, USB-A 15 watt charging, MagSafe charging, 3D sound and is home dock/car dock compatible. Is this the AirPod killer that we’ve all been waiting for? Can one device be an iPhone Charger, Bluetooth earphones and a power bank all in one?

The ultimate power bank for the gods

With something that has inspired design from Ferrari, we expect nothing less than the best in terms of design and performance. A power bank that is more than just a power bank is exactly what sets this device apart and makes it one for the gods.

Most devices in this category only feature a very basic power bank and one or maybe two connections (typically the same connector.) The Hypersonic 360, is the most fully-equipped power bank we’ve seen that includes a USB-C, USB-A and Micro-USB connector along with support for wireless Qi/MagSafe charging and also supports the more powerful USB-PD (power delivery) standard.

The HyperSonic 360 also features a power status display that indicates the relative charge lever of the power bank and the charging status which isn’t common on similar devices.

The feature we didn’t expect was a MagSafe-like charging cable, referred to as “HyperMag” which was included in the box. This cable which was included in the package made the whole device a lot more appealing.

Bluetooth earbuds that won’t replace your AirPods, yet

The audio quality and bass performance were passable. Despite our expectations that this device was going to wow us beyond our wildest imagination, we found that the claims of “3D” sound were just that. The audio quality meant that much of the detail in the music (lows/highs) were either totally missing or non-existent. That being said, we found that these earbuds worked best in environments where there was a lot of ambient noise.

The built-in microphone performed well during phone calls and we tested them in a variety of noisy environments. Speech over the earbuds became only slightly impacted in the harshest noisy conditions. The battery life was outstanding. With the included wireless charging case, the unit we tested never went without being charged.

The only flaw, which is an important one for these headphones, was audio dropouts. We experienced repeated disconnections when one or both earbuds disconnected and interrupted our listening. While this was only momentary, it was something that made audio experiences less pleasurable when it did. This could likely be solved with a firmware update, but for now, it’s hard to disregard it.

Wireless charging

So the arguably the most unique feature of this device is the wireless Qi and MagSafe compatible charging. Having wireless charging can give your device extra power when you can’t carry a charging cable or when it’s just not practical to get a wired charger. We found it most handy when it was impractical to carry a charging cable/block, such as when commuting on a bus or train.

Wireless charging does come due to the state of wireless technology. Most devices will work just fine out of the box but some will require the use of the device alignment template inside to ensure the device connects securely. If you’re using an iPhone with MagSafe, magnetic plates are not required to ensure a snug connection.

The Verdict?

It’s a BUY. We recommend this device in particular if you’re an iPhone user looking for a device that seems to do a little bit of everything and not looking to break the bank. If you’re buying this for only one of the features (i.e. only the headphones or only the charger) you can likely find other options that might meet your needs better, but the combination makes it a good buy.

LinearFlux HyperSonic 360


A great multi-functional device that offers wireless earbuds, wireless charging and a functional power bank all in one device.

  • Lots of connections for power bank
  • Lots of earbud tip sizes
  • Excellent HyperMag charging cable
  • Good microphone for noisy environments
  • Limited bass in headphones
  • Clunky wireless charging

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