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Austere V Series Clean & Protect is a tough weapon against grime

Austere Clean & Protect V Series with cleaning cloth on white backgroun

Fingerprints, dust and grime are things we’ve all got to deal with when using tech. Austere V Series Clean & Protect claims to be the latest tech in fighting to reclaim the glitz and glamour of your devices. Does it live up to all the hype? Read on.

Cleaning without gimmics

Lots of cleaning compounds for electronics are filled with all sorts of chemicals and other additives. These additives (like scents) may make the product smell good or remind you of your last time at the beach, but honestly, they don’t add anything when it comes to your cleaning regime. That is really the first place that the Austere V Series Clean & Protect starts to shine.

First, there are only three ingredients that make up the solution: Cocamidopropyl betaine, N-Alkyl Aminopropyl Glycine and filtered water. Having only three ingredients, this solution is an antibacterial ammoniafree solution that will eradicate germs and break down grime. These three ingredients, are static resistant when combined and are gentler than other cleaning agents.

Cocamidopropyl betaine (“CB”) is derived from coconut oil and dimethylaminopropylamine. As an ingredient in the Clean & Protect product, it is used effectively to reduce static and break down surface contaminants in an effective manner to clean.

N-Alkyl Aminopropyl assist V Series Clean & Protect as a detergent that combined with the Cocamidopropyl betaine disinfect and clean surfaces that are heavily soiled. As a combination, the two main active ingredients in the product effectively target grime and germs.

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Completly eradicate germs and eliminate static

Finding the Swiss army knife for cleaning tech is a tough task. Most of the solutions that we’ve tested either do an impeccable job as a cleaner or have an excellent microfibre cloth but are terrible at eliminating germs and static. With so many high-touch devices having generally different cleaning requirements it was a pleasant surprise that the Austere V Series Clean & Protect Solution performed so well with both tasks.

We tested the solutions on smartphones, tablets, TV screens, laptops, computer monitors, printers and even some smart home displays. We found overall that, particularly in heavily soiled tests, the solution performed better than every other product we’ve tried.

In the images below, we tested the solution on what was a heavily soiled and dust-covered TV screen in a bedroom. We attempted to clean it first with other solutions like WHOOSH! and standard screen cleaners and found it only seemed to leave streaks and more residue. After using the Austere V Series Clean Protect solution and dual-sided cleaning cloth, the surface shined. While the image below shows that it didn’t entirely prevent dust from re-appearing, the surface of the TV appears to be almost new by eliminating over 95% of the surface contamination.

Perfectly formulated to care, but good care isn’t cheap

With these sorts of specialty screen cleansers, prices seem to go far above and beyond what your standard glass cleaner could ever reach. The Austere V Series Clean & Protect is sold at MSRP of $39.99 which when compared to similar products is at the higher end of the range. That being said it is only slightly more expensive than the WHOOSH! 500ML bottle which retails for $22.99CAD on Amazon.

Despite the higher price point, we think that Austere’s V Series Clean & Protect is worth the extra dollars. The cleaning cloth included is high quality and the solution is much more effective on the grimiest of surfaces. We recommend this as a top-tier display cleaner and is presently our top weapon against all grime.

Where to buy Austere V Series Clean & Protect?

If you’re looking to buy the Austere V Series Clean and Protect Solution with the Dual-Sided Cloth it can be purchased from: as well as select national, regional, and global retailers including Abt Electronics, BrandsMart USA, Conn’s HomePlus, Crutchfield, PC Richard & Son, Visions Electronics in Canada, as well as

*[15 MR 2022] MSRP price adjusted.


Austere V Series Clean & Protect


Excellent high-grime surface cleaner and best in class cleaning cloth.

  • Removes surface contamination easily
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-static
  • Non-streaking solution
  • Ergonomic bottle
  • Dual-sided cleaning cloth
  • High-end price

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