BlackBerry announces new partnership with AWS

BlackBerry IVY Get In

Canada’s very own BlackBerry has announced that it has reached an agreement with Amazon’s AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Amazon Inc. to develop and market BlackBerry’s Intelligent Vehicle Data Platform (IVY). BlackBerry which has struggled in recent years has been focusing much of their efforts on developing software for in particular connected vehicles.

BlackBerry’s IVY platform is a scalable cloud platform targeted for automakers and provides according to the company a “secure way to read vehicles sensors … and create actionable insights.”


According to the company, BlackBerry IVY will also support multiple operating systems, vehicle models and multi-cloud deployments – meaning if the partnership is successful this could lead to better days for the Waterloo-based company.

Amazon AWS seems, for their part, seem to be looking at this partnership in terms of a data play and seems to be strategically set on furthering their ventures into the auto industry.

While we don’t know yet what exactly this will means for the company, its safe to say that having a partnership with Amazon, should give them a boost.

“Through this joint effort with BlackBerry, we will provide automakers with the insights, capabilities, agility, and speed they need to thrive in an increasingly connected world. As automakers seek to race ahead in their digital transformations, BlackBerry IVY empowers them to build their brands and set the standard for connected vehicle services across the automotive industry.”

Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon Web Services Inc.

“This software platform promises to bring an era of invention to the in-vehicle experience and help create new applications, services, and opportunities without compromising safety, security, or customer privacy. We are pleased to expand our relationship with AWS to execute this vision and deliver BlackBerry IVY.”

John Chen, Executive Chairman and CEO of BlackBerry

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