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Thieves stealing PS5’s on delivery trucks

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Image Source: DIICOT.RO

The PS5, Sony’s most recent console, is hitting the headlines now not just because of its’ specs but because of the daring attempts by criminal gangs to get their hands on them. According to reports obtained by the “The Times UK”, the criminal gangs in Romania were caught on police video attempting to rob a delivery vehicle while it was still driving on the highway. This method has resulted in 27 thefts this year alone.

In this video below, you will see the daring attempts by thieves to snatch themselves cargo while totally in the dark. According to police, the methods used by the thieves were akin to the “Fast & Furious” movie series and are increasing in frequency as holiday shipments tend to carry higher-value shipments.

Video of thieves stealing cargo from moving transport truck

How was it pulled off? According to Europol the thieves, drove a car in front of a truck, causing it to slow down, as two other cars held up nearby traffic. A fourth vehicle would then pull up-behind the targeted truck, break the locks and steal the cargo on board. Europol stated that the thefts required “a high degree of sophistication” as the occupants of the truck “were often completely unaware of what was going on.”

Based on these reports, it’s clear to see that the demand for the PS5 is clearly incredible. This doesn’t come as a surprise given the hype the surrounds the launch of new game consoles.

Fans of the PS5 would be happy to know that they can actually get their hands on consoles, without robbing a delivery truck. It just might not be as easy as walking into a store though. Sites like Toms Guide will come in handy when trying to find one as they seem to have a good pulse on the stock of the device.

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