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Holiday Gift Guide: Tech for Everyone

tech gifts for everyone

Once a year, we compile a list of the products that our editors bestow our highest ratings and praise. These products are our top picks in quality, durability, price and performance but also make great gifts. This year is no exception. In preparation for this “best of the best” list, our team reviewed hundreds of contenders and came up with our 2020 best-of list. Everything from smart home, smartphones and more. Here are our best gifts 2020.

Google Nest Mini

Google Nest Mini ECA
Source: Google

This smart home device is sure to be a budget-friendly hit with everyone on your list.  For $69, you get a lot of bang for your buck. With access to the Google assistant, even the most technically challenged members of the family can listen to the news, play music, make phone calls and get answers to virtually any question for free. The device setup is extremely straightforward and takes only a few minutes and requires little technical know-how. The Nest Mini became one of our tops choices because it’s a truly capable full-feature device, comes in a variety of colours and is budget-friendly. The device is available for purchase directly from the Google Store or local/national retailers.

Chromecast with Google TV

chromsecast google
Credit: Google

One of the most popular SmartTV devices of the last few years has been re-born. Where the old Chromecast missed out, this new Chromecast with Google TV delivers. The new Chromecast comes with a paired voice remote and a whole lot more power. Its’ newly invigorated interface, allows you to do virtually everything you could do with an Android TV box combined with the versatility of a Chromecast. The setup is effortless, and the content options are abundant and flexible. The most significant advantage of the device though happens to be the price $79. We believe this is a must-buy for the Netflix lovers in your home and is also available for purchase directly from the Google Store or local/national retailers.

Yale Assure Lock SL with Wi-Fi + Bluetooth

Yale Assure SL
Credit: Yale

Any Smart Home wouldn’t be complete without our next pick on this list, the Yale Assure Lock SL with Wifi + Bluetooth. For $299USD, you get our current #1 choice of smart locks and a very compatible one at that. This lock supports integrations with the major intelligent assistants (August, Google, Alex and Siri) and offers a reliable build quality. With three finishes to choose from, the Yale Assure SL will blend into most home decors and upgrade your old lock into something smart. The installation is amongst the most simple and easy to do amongst the contenders, taking only about ten minutes to complete. This lock is perfect for the techie/non-techie and is available for purchase from major retailers like Amazon and Yale Home.  

Kingston DataTraveler 2000

Holiday Gift Guide: Tech for Everyone 7

Given all of the recent data breaches that have been happening, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we are featuring something to help you and your loved ones stay safe this holiday season. The Kingston DataTraveler 2000 (DT2000), is a strongly constructed and easy to use encrypted storage device. The DT2000 gives you the flexibility to store some of your most private information (like your financial or tax records) and not have to worry that it will get into the wrong hands. The device comes in 4, 8, 16, 32,64, and 128 GB variants and can be purchased from a variety of retailers or online by checking here.

Catalyst Total Protection AirPods Pro Case

Catalyst Total Protection AirPods Case and box.
Holiday Gift Guide: Tech for Everyone 8

From Catalyst, the Apple Fan on your list is sure to love our pick to protect your AirPods. This disinfectable, waterproof, drop-proof and ultra-sturdy case protects your AirPods from almost anything you can throw at them. This fully-sealable IP-68 certified case easily attaches to your backpack, belt loop or duffel bag and costs $49.99USD. It is available in two colours, Army Green and Black which can both be purchased online here.  

More Items are sure to make it on our list. Check back for updates.

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