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Black Friday early at BestBuy


BestBuy Canada announced that they would be unveiling some of their deals for their annual Black Friday sale early in an attempt to get customers in their doors before the rush.

According to the company, their hope is that customers would shop early to “benefit from less crowds, more inventory, and faster shipping.”

“At Best Buy, this holiday is all about providing customers with options to shop how and when they want. This is what we are preparing for in every area of our business,” said Jason Abrams, Senior Vice President of Merchandising at Best Buy Canada. “Collectively, we’re confident in our preparation.  We have been working diligently to offer the best inventory with our vendors and the most options for delivery with our carriers.”

Retailers in Canada have been dealing with large growth of online ordering as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Announcements from Canada Post encouraging Canadians to shop early highlights the demand for the postal system. Efforts to announce sales early by retailers is clearly an attempt to not only capitalize on the holiday but try to cope with the strains in the system this year.

BestBuy underscored to customers that are concerned about buying their deals before Black Friday that: “If the price of one of the deals is lowered before Black Friday, Best Buy will refund the difference.”

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