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EFFYDESK Executive Office Sit Stand Desk


Working from home has become something that has become common during the pandemic and the need for having a comfortable, adjustable and high-quality desk in your new home office has grown just the same. Our team had the pleasure of taking a deep look at one leader in the adjustable desks, EFFYDESK and got their hands on the “Executive Office Sit Stand L-Desk (Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk).”


As you can expect with any new desk, the entire setup came in a two separate boxes. One for the metal frame with electrical components and the other for the tabletop. All components were well organized and packaged, which protected them from any inadvertent damage during shipping.

The setup guide was well laid out, albeit slightly confusing, but overall was easy to follow. The online support videos showing the setup of other EFFYDESK’s made it much easier to assemble this desk, which took the better part of a quiet afternoon. All the tools required for the setup were included in the box, however, we would recommend using an electric drill with an Allen key bit to do some of the work.

executive stand desk box
EFFYDESK Parts in Box, Credit: TheConsumR.com

After the setup of the metal frame, our team was quick to point out that you will need to have another person on hand to complete the attachment of the tabletop. The tabletop is very heavy and we recommend having an extra pair of hands to assist with the final completion.

Overall, the setup process was well documented and required no phone calls or guidance to complete. In addition, it required no special wiring or additional cabling.


The desk features three- independently powered electric motors which when assembled offer plenty of power to adjust the desk for individual users’ needs. The motors raise/lower the desk at approx. 35 mm/s and are quiet when in motion. The desk has wide, tapered feet which ensure the desk is firmly seated on the ground during adjustments. The desk itself can be adjusted between 60cm-125cm, which is nearly 15cm higher on average than other desks we compared. Sometimes this additional height was exactly what it required for taller users.

The tabletop has a reinforced matte gloss finish and supports up to 330lbs of loading capacity. The tabletop itself measured 180*180*75*2.5cm. Based on these measurements alone, the top was nearly double the thickness of other desks we’ve reviewed and it gave it a very well-built feel.

effydesk electronic controls
EFFYDESK Executive Desk Controls, Credit: TheConsumR.com

Ease of Use

The desk we controlled it using its built-in 7 button digital display, which had four programmable memory presets. With little effort, users adjusted, re-adjusted and configured memory keys. Getting the desk to a position that we could find comfortable required little to no effort.


Hands down the EFFYDESK takes quality to an entirely different level from almost anything else we’ve reviewed in the category. The frame was made from high-quality materials and the tabletop was truly outstanding. Right out of the box from the first component, all the way to the last bolt,  you can really feel the difference with EFFYDESK. The craftsmanship that went into the tabletop didn’t skip a beat. From a quality standpoint, this desk is really in a league of its own.


The Executive Office Sit Stand L-Desk from EFFYDESK is priced between $1325 and $1350 dollars as configured (dependent on tabletop/frame/colour choice) meaning that it is attractively priced for its category. Comparable desks, albeit not of the same quality, priced between $1325 to $1811 CAD. Given the exceptional quality and craftsmanship of this desk, make the EFFYDESK attractive as compared to others. Unlike competitors, EFFYDESK offers an exceptional 8-year warranty which makes this our best buy.  

Effy Desk Executive Stand Desk

8.8 Score

Featuring many customization options, superior build quality and exceptional warranty: we’re proud to award the EFFYDESK Executive Office Sit Stand L-Desk a coveted Editors’ Choice Award for Best Office Desk of 2021. Our team really put this one through its paces and unlike many competitors who our team believed were poorly constructed or inadequately designed, this desk really shined. If you’re looking for the best, well-rounded, ergonomic standing desk – this is hands down- our favourite.


  • Excellent Craftmanship
  • Outstanding Warranty
  • Wide-Selection of Colours
  • Excellent Value


  • Setup is fairly lengthy
  • Components are heavy

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